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Grub Control

Prolific Green offers a specially designed grub control treatment to keep those pesky grubs under control before and during the season. Grubs are the larvae of beetles, so perfect treatment timing is essential to avoid an attack and damage to your grass. White grubs are the #1 killer of turf grass in Michigan, so treatment prevents an infestation from occurring. These white C-shaped worms feed on your lawn’s root system, so the more you have, the more damage you will see.

Most damage doesn’t appear until the fall season, so it’s important to prevent the damage from occurring. With preventative grub control, we can treat these worms before they consume too much of your roots. When they feed off your roots, they evolve into beetles, who then feed off bushes and flowers. While the grubs are eating the grass roots and causing visible damage, they are also making the plant susceptible to stress from lack of moisture. Preventative action is key to avoiding serious damage.

If the damage is already present, then curative grub control is for you. This treatment is designed to treat mature grubs quickly. Upon application, it is important to water it in after 1 hour to ensure that the treatment makes it through the thatch layer. This is the layer in which the grubs are feeding. Most mature grubs require at least two applications, but baby grubs can be treated right away.