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Tree + Shrub Care

Trees are essential for providing healthy, clean oxygen and bringing beauty to our yard. However, they can be attacked easily with insects and disease. Prolific Green strives to treat any problems that may arise and keep your trees looking healthy all year.

With our 7-Step Program, your trees will be cared for year round and ensure the highest-grade protection against any diseases or harsh weather.

  • Early Spring: Dormant Oil Application – During this stage, dormant oil is used to coat the trees and protect against any mites or egg-laying insects. The eggs will be attacked and unable to hatch.
  • Early Spring: Disease Control Application – A treatment is applied to minimize leaf spotting disease and other common diseases like scab and rust.
  • Late Spring: Early Growth Combo Application – An insecticide & fungicide mixture is applied to target leaf feeding insects that attack blooming buds and mature leaves.
  • Early Summer: Insect + Final Disease Application – A combination treatment is applied to protect against any destructive insects (Japanese Beetles) and diseases like scab and mildew.
  • Mature Foliage Spray Application – An insecticide/miticide combination is applied to provide protection against all foliage insect infestations.
  • Late Season Dormant Oil Application – Another application of dormant oil is applied, but this time specifically for protection against spider mites and weevils.
  • Late Fall/Early Winter: Winterguard Application – All wintergreen trees and shrubs are protected against harsh winter weather, especially the wind. With this protection, your trees will survive the winter months easier and have less damage come springtime.
All trees are susceptible to disease, but Prolific Green strives to minimize the likelihood a disease will occur. A plant’s disease is determined by the “Plant Disease Triangle”, in which a disease will not arise until all 3 sides – pathogen, host, & favorable environment – of the triangle are closed. If you suspect that a disease is arising in your trees or other plants, please contact us immediately. It’s important to control and eliminate the disease before it spreads.