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Mole/Vole Control

Our Mole Control is designed to treat these underground pests, which feed on our earthworms and damage the lawn. Even though we cannot see the pests underground, we know of their presence from the tunnels that they leave behind.

Moles are a black to brownish gray color with paddle-shaped feet and an elongated snout. They feed on grubs and earthworms, while creating underground tunnels and volcano-shaped hills. There are two common types of moles in Michigan – the Eastern Mole and the Star-Nosed Mole. The Eastern Mole is responsible for the raised tunnels on your lawn, while the Star-Nosed Mole leaves hard mounds of dirt. This mole is harder to kill because they tunnel further in the ground than the Eastern Mole.

Our treatment uses a mild toxin called Talpirid, which is designed to have the same look, feel, and smell of an earthworm. To the mole, it looks like a delicious food source. Talpirid is effective within 48 hours, so you should see mole activity diminish over the week. Multiple treatments may be necessary depending on the size of the mole infestation.

In the spring, moles will give birth to one litter of young. This typically produces three to four babies, who stay with their mother underground for a month. They then set out on their own to begin tunneling, reaching adulthood in only eight short weeks. Females will not begin to breed until the following year.

Moles burrow year-round, creating more shallow tunnels for spring, summer and fall, then deep tunnels for the winter months. They can tunnel very quickly, around one foot per hour in ideal conditions. They prefer sandy soil, moist earth, lawns, gardens and woodlands. They typically are not found in heavy, dry clay soil. Their eyesight is terrible and they are very sensitive to light. The only time you would ever see them running above ground (if ever) would be at night. They prefer solitude, and will not ideally share a tunnel with other moles. Shrews, gophers and voles, however, typically try to invade their perfect tunnels.