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Lawn Fertilization

With fertilizer, your lawn is being fed the missing nutrients it needs to thrive. Fertilizers help to maintain the density, vitality, and coloring of the lawn. It will also help your lawn to recover from any winter damage or seasonal stress that your lawn endured.

Our Prolific Green fertilizers have been formulated to provide the best ingredients for your lawn, family, and the environment. We know Michigan weather is tough, but our specialists have determined the perfect timing and formula for all applications. Each application allows for a slow release of nutrients, without causing a rapid top growth like a traditional liquid fertilizer would. With the right fertilizer, the turf will accumulate and store the essential nutrients it needs. Our 7-Step Application Program not only saves you time and money, but allows you to enjoy your lawn all season.

Our organic fertilizers allow the same nutrient absorption as our regular fertilizer, except without the chemicals. If you’re worried about how the product will affect your dog or children, then organic fertilizer is the product for you. It is made from animal sources and naturally produced. It will provide nutrients, retain moisture, and sustain growth over time. The need for watering reduces and your soil is much healthier overall.

Our 7 steps include:

  1. Spring Feeding
  2. Mid-Spring Weed Prevention
  3. Late Spring Fertilization
  4. Early Summer Enhancer
  5. Summer Lawn Fertilization
  6. Early Fall Lawn Fertilization
  7. Late Fall Winterizer
At Prolific Green we strive to be the best fertilizing company in the metro Detroit area. We care for your lawn as if it was our own and we know what it takes to make your lawn healthy, weed free and vibrant green. At Prolific Green, we employ only Certified and Licensed technicians who know the best treatment for your lawn. We take pride in the lawns we services and want you to be completely satisfied. We offer complete packages for lawn care, tree and shrub care as well as perimeter pest control.