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Helpful Tips

Tip #1: Your Technician
Should Be Licensed

Lawn care companies may boast that they have licensed technicians. But is the person fertilizing your lawn licensed? Often, due to staffing costs, lawn care companies staff ONE licensed technician so they can advertise that they are State licensed and certified. So it’s best to check to make sure YOUR LAWN’S technician is. Licensed technicians are trained by the State to safely apply your fertilizer products. Don’t gamble with your family’s safety.

Tip #2: All Programs Are
Not Created Equal

Every lawn care program is different. From the number of treatments, to the insect and weed control. Make sure that when you compare quotes, you are comparing programs that include the same treatments. Don’t think you need one of the treatments? The lawn care provider should be able to tell you why they feel that treatment is important if not, they could just be adding on a cost of something you don’t need. Always ask about what your getting!

Tip #3: Weed Touch Up
Calls Should Be Free & Soon

If a lawn care company tells you that they guarantee that you’ll never have a weed, run the other way! Weeds are resilient growers and will grow through almost any condition. Chances are that you will have weeds throughout the year. The important thing to look for is a lawn care company that will come out between treatments and spot treat the weeds at no additional cost. No matter how many times it takes them.

Tip #4: Beware Of The Low
Cost First Application

You see it in your mailbox: “First application $29,99.” What they don’t tell you is that for the rest of the season they are going to charge you $75 an application. It’s the old bait-and-switch tactic that the “national” guys play. They get you to sign up based on the low first application price, and continue to provide services at a much high price throughout the rest of the season. Make sure that you compare annual costs when shopping lawn care companies